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ed to find that great tennis this seaso▓n."I mean, I'm trying, but it's not working," said Djokovic, who suffered his third consecutive loss. "I'▓m not feeling great when I'm playing this wa▓y. I want to be able to play as well as I want ▓to play. Just it's impossible at the moment."The cir▓cumstances that I was in the last two years were very ch▓allenging. But I'm not the only one that ▓goes through that. There are tougher inj▓uries that players go th

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rough. I don't want to sit here and whine about my last couple of years."I'm ▓just in general trying everything I can. It is wh▓at it is. I'm not at the level that I used to be," Djo▓kovic added. "I'm aware of that. I just have to obviously believe in myself and hopefully it will come."Ple▓ase scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagra▓mPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatCaro▓l Catan has earned her living portraying a mermaid and teaching m

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